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Jjimjilbang are a popular type of recreation and socialization in South Korea. Hot tubs, showers, Korean traditional kiln saunas, and massage tables may all be within these spacious, gender-segregated public bathhouses.

You may find Computer bangs, noraebangs, and also sleeping quarters in many of the jjimjilbangs. In this piece, we’ll examine probably the most intriguing features of these spaces and the ways in which they might alter your mood and help you unwind.

Rooms with a particular Theme

Staying at a Korean hotel with a themed room might be a lot of fun. Whether you’re a die-hard lover of K-pop or just looking for something unusual, these themed rooms won’t disappoint.

RYSE is 강남하이퍼블릭룸 to stay in Seoul if you’re seeking for a hotel with an awesome, young atmosphere. The hotel is really a person in Marriott’s Autograph Collection and contains unique guestrooms decorated in a K-pop style.

In the Commune with Nature room, for example, you may sleep on a bed that’s surrounded by real trees and protected from sun and rain by way of a glass wall. 셔츠룸,레깅스룸 has an airport shuttle, a free of charge breakfast buffet, and a restaurant with a zoo motif.

The Podo Hotel Pinx is another great option, with its hot spring bathtubs and rustic furnishings. If you are planning a trip to Jeju Island, South Korea, that is one of the interesting hotels you’ll find.

This quaint hotel is ideal for those on a tight budget and is conveniently located near to the city center and Hongdae Shopping Street. Rooms are comfortable and affordable (around $60/night). Following a night out on the town, this is actually the perfect location to call home for the night time. 퍼블릭룸 are avid adventurers who love to share their experiences with their visitors.
Unique Themed Accommodations

PC bangs (often known as “PC rooms”) will be the origin of South Korea’s distinct gaming culture. They started to gain traction in the ’90s, when they were mostly played by men in their adolescent and early adult years.

Whether you’re a veteran of the Korean gaming community or interested in this latest fad, Seoul houses several PC rooms with original themes. These accommodations cost a lot more than the average hotel room, but they may prove to be well worth the extra money.

There’s no better way to spend a day or night in Korea with friends or family than in one of these entertaining rooms. You may sleep in a shin ramyeon cup or perhaps a genuine soju bottle in one of the most outlandish of the accommodations.

Public jjimjilbangs and mogyoktangs may also be great alternatives. These often provide facilities for both sexes, each with its own sauna and bathing area.

The Bulgama jjimjilbang in Myeongdong is best of the numerous available jjimjilbangs as a result of wide selection of saunas and hot tubs it provides. There is also a high-end spa there that you ought to visit.
Purpose-Built Themed Rooms

Themed public rooms certainly are a fun and novel solution to learn about Korean culture. You might pick from bath houses with amenities like hot tubs, showers, and classic kiln saunas, to those themed on movies or video gaming.

Themed rooms with a particular function cost more than standard accommodations, but they provide a more exciting and memorable stay. Whether you’re a tourist looking for a unique experience or a resident seeking to impress your friends, these are the way to go.

Hotel 28 Myeongdong is really a movie-themed establishment in the heart of Seoul. The building’s traditional industrial aesthetic is a nice match for the film posters that adorn each story.

There are a great number of fun things you can do and places to chill out in this section of Seoul. For instance, a jjimjilbang is really a big, gender-segregated bathhouse featuring a snack bar, workout rooms, ice rooms, heated salt rooms, a personal computer bang (PC bang), a sauna (noraebang), and sleeping facilities (bunk beds or mats).

As these rooms often offer high-speed internet and air-con, they are also frequently used as a location to play games with friends or even to just get some good work done. In addition they serve as a popular place for Korean children to celebrate their birthdays making use of their pals by playing video games.

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